Belio inherited from his greatgrandfather his skill in the handling of wood. He has specialized in the carving of mortars, bowls, wine mugs, spoons and chácaras , a traditional musical instrument from the Islands.

Maybe it is the banca the most picturesque piece, in which the seat is made out of a single wood piece and only three legs keep it stable.

However, these works he only makes for his personal collection.

The wood he employs is mainly that of the mulberry tree.

However, in his collection can also be found pieces of barbuzano and sabina herreña (two original trees from the Canary Islands).

The wood logs he employs are to be found normally in Tenerife or El Hierro, from particular plots that have been cleaned up or from prunings.

Cuchillos Canarios - Belio Acosta Castañeda tel: +34 922 560435

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