The Artisan

The artisan Belio Acosta Castañeda lives on Tenerife island, although he is originally from El Hierro island, to which he is deeply bonded. Among the members of his family there were other artisans, such as his grandgrandfather, who used to carve wood, and his father and grandfathers, who passed on to him the trade of forging. Since childhood he used to help his father in the forging works in the familial workshop, but it was later, after settling down in Tenerife, that he came to fully carry out his profession.

Despite the fact that this is not his regular job, he spends most of his free time making his crafts. He devotes to it passionately in his effort to recuperate this trade which nowadays he is the only one who develops it within his family.

Belio is a verstile artisan, something inusual in this trade where one habitually finds people especializad in just one of the different branches of craftmanship.

Belio has a full command of both wood and metal, although the Canarian knife is perhaps his most appreciated object, made with bone and horn pieces finely carved in thin aluminium sheets. It is made with great precision and its elaboration entails a great difficulty.


His output is very diverse including the following: chácaras (a typical Canarian musical instrument), mortars, wood vessels, farming implements, horseshoes, pestilleras (a type of bolt), knives, regatones (a typical shepherd's stick) and reproductions of antique forge pieces for the restoration of traditional houses.

His work has been recognized in the Canary Islands, and he has become a member of the committee that decides to whom it may be granted the “artisan card”, regularly issued by the Cabildo de Tenerife. He has received several awards and invitations to participate in different craftsmanship fairs.
Cuchillos Canarios - Belio Acosta Castañeda tel: +34 922 560435

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