Cuchillos Canarios

Canarian knives are not exclusive of Gran Canaria, although the biggest production is made on that island.

In Tenerife there are several artisans who make this valuable craft, immensely appreciated both by peasants and collectors.

In El Hierro island it was a very much appreciated piece too, although it never reached the level of development that other islands reached.

Belio still keeps with affection the Canarian knive that his grandgrandfather himself made. He learned and developed the technique in Tenerife, after moving there, and he has ever since stamped his mark on these knives, what makes them clearly distinguishable from any other, mostly due to their special handles and the finishing of the blade.

The handle is the most difficult part to make. Cow bones and ram horn are used in its making. Different drawings are made using sheets of aluminium or other metals.

This meticulous work requires skill and devotion, being necessary many days for its completion.

Canarian knives and letter-openers are fully handmade, both the forging and the handle.

They are made out of different materials: bone, horn, silver, gold etc. Nevertheless, the elaboration process is the artisan's well-hidden secret.

The blades can be of stainless steel and each knive has its leather sheath, also handmade.

According to Belio, if you give a Canarian knife as a present, it is advisable to get a coin in return, and this way peace between both, the giver and the receiver, is guaranteed.

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